Bierun layout+Manta as new sponsor

Field layout

As you are aware, we are going to have the second round of CEPL 2014 in Bierun this weekend. For that we have published the field layout which will be the one used in Millennium London.

Our accomodation recommendations are available at the event's subpage.


Those who have been in the first round might have seen, that we were utilizing a filler manufactured by MANTA, who is an official sponsor of the CEPL series.

A few words of the company:

MANTA is a manufacturer of cylinder charging systems HP, fill panels, HP bases, systems to connect and many other products.

During all games league players will be able to use MANTA systems (the company does not provide compressor, only charge systems from the compressor to the cylinder of players). We hope that this will facilitate easy loading of competitors cylinders.

MANTA Company will provide the latest products that support longer events across Europe.
A major asset of the company are good products, innovative solutions and full service with all available parts.

One of the most important products are MANTA fill panels and innovative quick filler produced only by MANTA .

Features of quick filler:
- It has a lever valve vented so there is no need for turning the cylinder
- Flexible hose for easy connection of the cylinder
- In conjunction with MANTA fill panel, the panel expands by another socket charger

Registered teams 2014/2

2014.06.07 - Bierun

  • 1 - Monsters (SK)
  • 2 - Budapest Stoneface (HU) - Cancelled
  • 3 - Assassins Cracow (PL)
  • 4 - Rats (CZ)
  • 5 - Legio Draconus (SK)
  • 6 - Bad Company (PL)
  • 7 - 2easy Warsaw (PL)
  • 8 - Killer Worms (HU)
  • 9 - Silver Wolf (SK)
  • 10 -
  • 11-16 -


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  • pballsk
  • patriots2
  • Manta sm2