Splatmaster in CEPL+first round accomodation

You may have already heard of Splatmaster, which is a sporting goods product for the younger kids (8+). For those who haven't: Basically its like playing paintball, but the shooting strenght of the equipment is greatly reduced compared to regular paintball markers, so its safe to try as it doesn't hurt at all. (more info here)

For the first CEPL round in Presov, make sure to bring your kids and their friends as well, as they will have the opportunity to check out this fun product FREE OF CHARGE, yaaaay! (If between 8 and 13 years.)
The Splatmaster area opens at 10:00 on Saturday.


Also, we have added the recommended accomodation for the first round, available here.
A small hint for booking: we are going to have a players' party on Saturday evening with heavy drinking and/or bowling. ;)

Registered teams

2014.05.03 - Presov

  • 1 - Monsters (SK)
  • 2 - Budapest Stoneface (HU)
  • 3 - Bad Company (PL)
  • 4 - Devils (SK)
  • 5 - Assassins Cracow (PL)
  • 6 - Phoenix Team (SK)
  • 7 - Killer Worms (HU)
  • 8 - Black Lynx (SK)
  • 9 - Legio Draconus (SK)
  • 10 - Silver Wolf (SK)
  • 11-16 -


  • mpbsz
  • pballsk
  • patriots2